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On Uboachan: A word of caution to Fangame Devs


Ok so I’ve decided to vent here about uboachan’s /fg/ board because doing so there is a bad idea, and it seems many of you are much more reasonable than the /fg/ crowd and might not have even been to before.

Fangame developers! With the popularity of making fangames finally hitting tumblr and a larger audience (as far as I’m aware), I know that many of you will be doing this for the first time. Many of you may not have photoshop or prior experience in your chosen version of RPG Maker. Many of you might not be skilled in one area or another, ranging from art to music to coding. And I’m sure anyone doing this for the first time is new to making videogames.

Because that is what you are doing.

You are making a videogame.

Not a terribly complex one, this isn’t Skyrim or Silent Hill we’re talking about here. Generally a Yume Nikki game is very low maintenance and seemingly easy to make, but it is still a game. From scratch. With your own graphics and music and plot (while not necessarily needed it is indeed important).

And here’s where the problem lies if and when you decide to bring your game development to Uboachan’s /fg/ board.

The people there are fucking brutal.

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Normally I do not reblog things here and I try to not do so, but this post on the devblog of The Looking Glass is a good read for any aspiring fangame developers and I want to help spread the word.

  03/31/12 at 12:23pm